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Service de mantenimiento cada 100hs

En nuestra aula vas a aprender cómo procesar los residuos de poda urbana con nuestra chipeadora SERIE K3 de manera segura y eficiente.

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Category Descriptions

The Why: Stories From Our Past There have been numerous experiences in our lives that have driven us to take the path we are on-- compelling us to make our passion for helping others, and truly connecting with them, our life's work a reality. The stories in The Why helped shape our narrative and shift our perception during our journey thus far. So, we look forward to sharing these stories from our past that brought us to where we are today. People Affecting Change: Renewed Faith in Humanity There are people affecting change in our communities every day without expectation. Get to know the People/ Organizations behind The Good happening around you, let your faith in humanity be renewed, and find out how you can be a part of their journey, whether they be in your neighborhood or 1000s of miles away. To Serve + Connect We've had the opportunity to collaborate with some innovative individuals, organizations, & communities that are serving the people and environment around them. In To Serve + Connect you'll find stories given from our perspective about our experience with those organizations, communities, and those whose random acts of kindness are a lifestyle. 'Ships Gettin' Real All about relationships! In 'ships: Gettin' Real, you'll find very honest reflections, ruths and comforting words coming from the depths of our own experiences as children, siblings, significant others, etc.

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